Pioneering the Next Era in Media: Unveiling the Potential【】

In the face of evolving landscapes where traditional broadcasting has waned, yielding ground to the internet, both the broadcasting and content production industries, alongside viewers, are seeking the next stage. What we aspire to achieve is the creation of a nimble media adorned with new values and possibilities. We are the architects of media innovation committed to realizing this vision.

About Us

Our Vision

To collaboratively conceive new ideas and schemes for the emerging media.
As television and satellite broadcasting decline, technology utilizing the internet continues to evolve rapidly. While it poses challenges for those in the broadcasting industry, it presents an unparalleled opportunity to create a new form of media. Drawing upon our expertise in platform operations cultivated through broadcasting, the know-how in creating programs and content, and incorporating cutting-edge IT technology, we aim to forge ahead into the uncharted territory of the new era of video streaming. We earnestly desire to pioneer this era in collaboration with industry peers.

Expertise Gained as a Broadcasting Station in Program Production and Operations

The reliability of having channels as a broadcasting station, coupled with content creation and program scheduling expertise based on viewer trends and interests, constitutes our greatest strength. The functionality of new media hinges on the presence of compelling content.

Broadcasting and Streaming Technology Enabled by a Composite Platform

Our strength lies in the flexibility to adeptly navigate and combine various platforms such as satellite broadcasting, cable television, and online streaming to continually maximize media production effectiveness. The synergy of each platform culminates in the creation of next-generation media with enhanced convenience and profitability.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please feel free to reach out to us at the provided email address.